Intermediate Program Upper Focused Day Program

Unleash Your Upper Body Potential with our Intermediate 4 Day Focused Program!

Designed to target key muscle groups with precision, this program will guide you through a dynamic range of exercises to elevate your fitness journey.

Day 1 is all about legs, starting with a brisk walking warm-up followed by a series of leg-focused exercises. From barbell back squats to machine-based leg extensions and curls, this day ensures that your lower body gets the attention it deserves. Day 2 shifts the focus to chest and triceps, incorporating dumbbell incline bench chest flies and machine seated chest presses to chisel your chest muscles. Complemented by tricep-targeting moves, this day leaves no doubt that your upper body will be challenged.

Day 3 brings a back and biceps blast. Starting with cycling, you’ll embark on a journey to strengthen your back with exercises like machine seated horizontal grip rows and barbell bent over rows. Lat machine wide grip pulldowns ensure a well-rounded back workout, while cable bicep curls put the finishing touch on your biceps. Day 4 is dedicated to shoulders and abdominals, featuring machine seated shoulder presses and a variety of lateral raise exercises to carve out those shoulder muscles. The superset on this day guarantees an intense abdominal workout that will leave you feeling strong and accomplished.

With each day’s workout strategically planned and recommended rest intervals of 60-90 seconds, this program is a roadmap to building a robust upper body. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your strength, shape your muscles, or simply level up your fitness game, our Intermediate Upper Body Focused 4 Day Program is your guide to success. Download the program now and unlock the door to a more defined, confident, and powerful you!

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