We’ve all been there. Our energy has been great all day. We’ve had a productive morning all the way until 2 pm hits and we are  left wanting to check out and take a nap. We’re left getting that afternoon coffee which we know*will keep us up at night, or opting for a quick sugar snack to ease the slump. There are some simple tricks to help you overcome this midday slump. Below, we’ve compiled some tips from snack ideas and small activities to help you overcome the siesta hour. 


If you are thirsty drink water, if you are hungry drink water, if you are tired drink water – this tends to be a catch-all for most of our bodily ailments. Usually, the thought is to have something with caffeine for that extra zing in the afternoon, but water may be the one thing we need. Not enough water in a day can lead to fatigue. On average most people need 2-4 litres of water a day depending on their activity level. 

Smaller Lunches: 

Eating a smaller lunch can assist in avoiding the midday slump. Although the research is unclear, it is assumed that a larger lunch provides a bigger spike in blood sugar with a bigger crash into the “slump”. Try something lighter, with more nutrients to help maintain your blood sugar better. 

Healthy, Whole Snacking: 

To maintain energy levels, it’s best to eat small meals more frequently throughout the day (yay for snacking). When adding an afternoon snack, focus on complete foods. For example, nuts/seeds, hard-boiled eggs, and smoothies can all offer you a great source of healthy fats, fibre, and protein. This will help keep you full and provide sustained energy levels. 

Stay Away From Sugar: 

Sugar provides quick energy, but can also provide quick crashes. It may feel good in the moment, but typically you’re left more tired than before. Try a piece of fruit such as a banana or apple, this will provide you with enough fibre and sugar to give  that boost without crashing shortly afterward.

Get Some Movement: 

It has been found that a midday workout can not only boost your energy but also increase productivity. If getting to your gym midday isn’t possible, try going out for a walk or use some online resources for desk yoga, stretches, or mini exercises. 

Take a Walking Meeting:

In our age of working from home and virtual meetings, this is becoming a larger trend where it’s easier to plug in and take a walk. A walking meeting is a great way to add some movement and variety into your day. Not to mention if it’s a bright sunny day, the boost you can get from some time outdoors.

Other Tips: 

Although the midday slump has more to do with our daily activities, you want to also check in on your sleep hygiene. If you sleep is impacted at night, you may be more prone to tiredness throughout your day. Try staying away from any screens an hour before bed. Take time to relax, This can be through reading, meditating, or any other self-care that allows you to relax.