Is Personal Training Worth It?

Youre struggling to achieve your fitness goals. Maybe youre not losing weight despite working out regularly, or maybe youre trying to build muscle but dont know how to create an effective program. It has left you asking yourself the question, is personal training worth it?”. 

Here at Gold’s Gym, we are advocates of personal training. The benefits of personal training are extensive. In short: if you want results, personal training is a guaranteed way to obtain them. So if youre debating whether personal training is worth it, youve come to the right place. Lets get into it. 

 5 Signs That You Should Get a Personal Trainer

1.You hate working out

If you have fitness goals like losing weight or building muscle, enjoying the process is key to being consistent. If you hate working out, youre going to struggle. Personal trainers ensure you enjoy their workouts – even though theyre hard! It keeps you coming back. Consistency = success. 

2. You’re not getting results

If youve been working for months to get your dream body but youre not seeing the results you think you deserve, you might be doing the wrong thing. Maybe youre overtraining, undertraining, or training with poor form. A personal trainer has been professionally educated in fitness to guarantee results. 

 3. You feel self-conscious in the gym

The gym can be an intimidating environment, especially if youre not sure what to do. Working with a personal trainer can help boost your confidence so that you feel comfortable in a gym environment. Youll know the correct form for every exercise and youll be following a program so you always know what exercise is coming next. 

 4. You struggle to be consistent

Are you constantly skipping your workout for other plans? You want to work out, sure. But when it comes down to it, youd rather go out for dinner with your buddies. We get it! It can be hard when you start a fitness routine. Life gets in the way and you cant stay committed. If you are, then its time to get a personal trainer at Golds Gym BC! 

 5. You’re new to working out

Many people have never stepped foot in a gym. Working with a personal trainer helps you start your fitness journey on the right foot. Rather than wasting time struggling to navigate fitness, a personal trainer will teach you everything you need to know so that you progress faster. 

Personal Trainers Aren’t Just for Beginners 

Not everyone who gets a personal trainer is a beginner. Many advanced lifters decide they want to take the next step in fitness, and so work with a personal trainer. These individuals may work with a personal trainer for many of the same reasons: accountability, guidance, and motivation. But for them, working with a personal trainer can give them the extra help they need to achieve their goals. 

 So when should an experienced lifter work with a personal trainer? 

  • Professional bodybuilders and bikini competitors – These athletes have likely trained for a long time and have a good understanding of strength training and nutrition. However, to be the best in their industry, they need additional support and guidance to ensure that their program is refined and monitored constantly. Bodybuilders who dont work with a coach struggle to time their bulk and cut cycles for their competition, because their energy is solely focused on training and eating. Instead, a coach will put you on the right program to get show-ready.
  • Training for a marathon – Training for a marathon isnt the same as a 5 km race! Youll need to work with a coach who has experience creating running programs for athletes to increase stamina and endurance.
  • Overcoming an injury – Anyone can get an injury. Dont let it take you out of the game! Instead, work with a coach who can rehabilitate your injury while keeping your body fighting fit. This training routine will be different depending on your injury, experience level, and goals. Its particularly important to work with a personal trainer if you are overcoming an injury to avoid making the injury worse.
  • Plateauing – If youve been training for years and have started to notice your progress plateau, its time to work with a coach! Many people experience plateaus, particularly if theyve been hypertrophy training. While you may experience strength and size gains at the start of your fitness journey, you need to understand how to adapt your training routine to your new capabilities. Otherwise, your progress will tail off! Working with a coach will get you back on track. 
  • Getting bored of their current training style – Keeping the same training routine for years on end gets boring – we get it! Thats why working with a personal trainer can help you fall in love with exercise again. Youll have a one-on-one session with your trainer to discuss all your goals and preferences when it comes to working out to ensure youre put on a program that will reignite your excitement for the gym. 
  • Goals changing – When you first started lifting, your goal may have been to have huge biceps. But now, after some years, youd prefer to be agile, powerful, or flexible. Working with a trainer will help you achieve these new goals. 

The Pros and Cons of Getting a Personal Trainer 

We want everyone who trains at our gym to understand that there are advantages and disadvantages of a personal trainer, depending on your training preferences, goals, and level of commitment. 

 We’ll start with the benefits of personal training:

1. Time-efficient

A personal trainer knows how you should train to get results. You wont have to trial-and-error your way through your fitness routine. They know what works, and however much time you commit each week, you can rest knowing its the most efficient use of your time.

2.Proper lifting technique

Youd be surprised to know how many people train with poor form. They know roughly how the exercise should look, but the actual specifics of the technique are their best guess. Whats the downside of this? At best – you wont get the benefits from the exercise. At worst – youll injure yourself, and it can prevent you from training. 

3. Investment = accountability

Investing in a personal trainer keeps you accountable. You cant cancel at the last minute, you have someone motivating you to keep pushing through, and youve invested time and money into the process.  

4. It’s 100% tailored to you

A personal trainer creates a customized exercise program that is tailored to your current physique, goals, time frame, schedule, and preferences. You wont get that level of customization from finding a workout plan online.  

 So whats the difference between paying for an online workout plan vs. a custom plan by a personal trainer?  

  • An online plan is the same for everyone, regardless of their current capabilities, goals, or body type. This means it might not be suitable for you. 
  • An online plan doesnt track your progress, so you may plateau quickly or not get the results you want. 
  • An online plan is not usually suitable for people with advanced goals, for example, body recomposition or changing your aesthetic goals. 
  • An online workout plan is often created by fitness influencers who dont have the necessary credentials in exercise science or experience in the industry. Working with a personal trainer at Golds Gym will ensure that youre being coached by the best in the business – someone who is licensed, experienced, and dedicated to their craft. 

 One of the disadvantages of having a personal trainer, according to some, is the financial investment. But here at Golds Gym BC, we view it as an accountability investment. Youre investing in YOU. Youre proving that youre ready to be disciplined, accountable, and committed to your health and well-being. 

 5. You’ll start to love working out

One of our favorite benefits of getting a personal trainer that we experience in our gym is that our members start to love working out. Gold’s Gym members build a relationship with their trainers, and as a result, they start to enjoy the experience. Yes, even if theyre doing a tough workout! 

 6. Exercise = consistency = life improvement

Heres how the process goes: when you start to exercise consistently, your life improves for the better. Research has shown that an active lifestyle increases your lifespan, reduces your risk of chronic disease, improves mental health outcomes, and improves multiple biomarkers for health. When you exercise regularly, you look, feel and perform better than ever. In and outside the gym! 

 So is it Worth Getting a Personal Trainer? 

Ask yourself the following questions:[Text Wrapping Break] 

  • Do you want to improve your health in the most efficient way? 
  • Do you want to learn how to exercise properly? 
  • Do you want to fall in love with the process and the progress? 
  • Do you have the availability and commitment to stay accountable to a personal trainer? 
  • Do you have the financial means to commit to a personal trainer? 

 If you have answered yes to these questions, theres your answer! Its time to get a personal trainer at Golds Gym BC. Click here to schedule your first consultation.