Cardio that can be done without the gym and without running – amp up your fitness routine!

Cardio doesn’t have to be hard, or on a treadmill, or eat up a significant part of your day. Did you know for general well-being and Cardiovascular health all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes per day?

There are simple ways of adding it in without needing to hit the gym, here are a few to consider:

  • Taking walking breaks/lunches throughout your day
  • Setting a daily movement goal such as steps or distance traveled
  • Taking calls/meetings as you walk (if possible)
  • Walking to run errands whenever possible

Sometimes getting outside isn’t an option, especially mid-winter in rainy Vancouver. If that’s the case and you’re looking for an easy option we’ve built out 2 Interval Cardio workouts you can perform anywhere!

Handsome young Arab man doing squats, working out at home, full length

Easy On The Knees

Plank Hop-Out
Start in the plank position, hop your legs towards your chest, then back out

Side Steps
Squat to a comfortable position and take 5 steps to your right, then 5 to your left

Jumping Jacks
If jumping is uncomfortable, step out one foot at a time while your arms swing overhead

Shadow Boxing
Punch across your body alternating arms

Butt Kicks
Think high-knees, but reverse it to kick your heel to your butt, alternating sides

Experienced HIIT

Squat Jumps
Add a pulse at the bottom to really feel the burn!

Reverse Lunge to High Knee *alternating legs*
Step back into your lunge, as you step back forward draw your knee up towards your chest

Mountain Climbers
For an added oblique burn, add a twist drawing your knee towards the opposite shoulder

Jumping Jacks
For more burn, add a band and jump out against the resistance

Plank Hold
You know it, hold it as long as you can. Up for a challenge? Try going from your hands to your elbows during the hold

Here is the timing to follow, depending on your goal and fitness level:

12 Minutes: 60 Seconds Each, 2 Rounds + 2minute break between rounds
21 Minutes: 60 Seconds Each, 3 Rounds + 2minute break between rounds
28 Minutes: 60 Seconds Each, 4 Rounds + 2minute break between rounds

We recommend trying it first for the 2 rounds, then slowly working your way up to 4 rounds.
If you’re still looking for more recommendations on your cardio routine, feel free to reach out to anyone of our Personal Trainers. They can assess your current levels and help recommend what cardio is right for you.

Most importantly, Try to have FUN with it!