We live in a city of dedicated yogis, seawall junkies, and cycling enthusiasts. That doesn’t make us all fitness experts, though. Enthusiasm can only take us so far. When it comes to finding a way to reach your health and fitness goals, having personal training is the key to success.

With so many fitness options to choose from, the challenge is knowing what to do and when. Figuring out how to create enough variety in your work-out routine to challenge your body is a science. Even the most avid Vancouver gym members hit plateaus. This is where the guidance of a personal trainer can be invaluable.

Vancouver personal trainers are familiar with the city and can help you craft a fitness program to work with every facet of your life. They can teach you how to incorporate things like your commute or your co-ed volleyball tournaments. You may even run into them on the court! A personal trainer will assess your goals, fitness level and teach you how to achieve the success you are looking for.

Look for a personal trainer that you have a strong personal connection with. You’ll be spending weeks or months talking to this person every week. Look for a trainer that approaches your fitness journey holistically, incorporating your lifestyle, nutritional needs, and personal goals. They’ll be able to work with you through past injuries, which so many of us Vancouverites tend to have due to our active lifestyles. The right personal trainer will consider all of these factors when crafting your fitness plan and make you feel incredible every time you see them.

Whether you are aiming to beat your personal best on the Grouse Grinds or feel super confident at the next Vancouver Naked Bike Ride, a Vancouver personal trainer will be able to guide you through your challenges and plateaus and inspire you to become the best version of yourself.