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Fitness has become a passion at Gold’s Gym University Marketplace. Our aim is to offer fitness to everyone in our neighborhood community. We feel proud that we have been able to meet as well as surpass expectations of each and every of our gym member. We have the expertise to assist people, irrespective of their age accomplish fitness objectives and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Our objective is to make fitness enthusiasts feel welcome, by providing them a friendly environment at our gym. Moreover, our experienced instructors create customized exercise regimes that are appropriate for people according to their fitness levels.

The gym offers perfect vibe and fun atmosphere, that will surely get you excited and engaged. It is upbeat and electrifying, to say the least and guarantees you the most ideal workout experience. You could be searching for nutritional consultation, weight or agility training, rest assured we have a program in place to fulfill your needs.

At our gym you will find personal training and group fitness classes that you can take part in. Whether you are a sportsperson trying to improve strength or a beginner who wants to get into shape, we offer customized programs for every need.

Gold’s Gym, the best UBC gym, helps you move to the next level of fitness. Get in touch today to get details of best UBC gym membership offers!